“In this inspiring memoir, Pamela McCreary recounts with refreshing honesty her life inside the secret society of Mormonism. Raped at nineteen, she is certain it is her punishment for disobedience, and so attempts to design a righteous, and thereby, safe life. Married at the age of twenty-one in the Mormon Temple in Washington D.C., McCreary embarks on a life of motherhood and homemaking. Hoping to find security and fulfillment, she turns her back on the over-riding passion of her life. In the process she loses herself, her religion, and the love she desires above all. McCreary's journey of reclamation, reconciliation, and faith is both poignant and funny. This is a story for anyone who has ever lost hope and heart, and needs to believe in the healing power of love.”

What people are saying:

“Pamela sees the world through intelligent, funny, unsparing, but ultimately optimistic, eyes. Her story is often sad, but never depressing. It will inspire and liberate the many readers who feel trapped in their lives. Others will find it a fascinating study of a brave human being finding her way out of a situation that often seemed impossible to leave. Enjoy Pamela's wit and greatheartedness."

~Martha Beck, New York Times best-selling author and monthly columnist for O: The Oprah Magazine

“Up from the ashes. Pamela recounts with strong emotion and, yes, humor how she re-built her life after estrangement from her family, her church, and, in many ways, herself. It is an inspiring journey of self-fulfillment.”

~Dick Kreck, former Denver Post columnist and author

“Pamela McCreary has courageously opened the door of her life and we benefit greatly as a result.  Told with her characteristic humor and in page-turning prose, her story is uniquely hers but describes a journey that we can all relate to, the search to uncover what is true – about ourselves and our world.  Despite years of having her life dictated to, she abandons her “teapot mentality” and discovers her own voice, her own power.  She gives us hope that we can do the same.”

~Susanna Liller, The Heroine’s Coach, author of Circle Power, Connecting to Something Greater, President, Ruby Slippers, LLC  

“A story of personal reality …  Faith triumphs as she creates her own destiny of what is right and what is righteous in her life.” 

~Lynn Price, Social Entrepreneur, Speaker and Author